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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

South Park and Muhammad, the Controversy

Fox News

South Park is an American animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central television network (if you already didn't know that :P). It's quite known for it's sarcastic humor, and there isn't a topic they haven't ripped apart, and I love them for that.

For their 200th mega episode they decided to do a mash up of all major previous hits, which of course means a mega controversial show. We all remember the Super-best-Friends episode where they combined all the important religious figures - yes, including Muhammad (p.b.u.h) - and I personally found it quite alright, nothing to get all defensive/offended over. Considering all the hoohaa over Islam recently (I wonder who's to blame *rolls-eyes*), I am not surprised that the show decided to put Muhammad in their mega-episode once again, even though it isn't a secret that you aren't supposed to be sarcastic about Islam or it's prophet, because if you do, they go all Theo-Van-Gogh on you! Not pretty eh.

So as (almost) expected (though I would've dearly hoped otherwise), the creators of the show have been warned by a radical Islamic website over the possibility of a Theo-esque destiny to them if the show is aired. It's really funny how they go to saying that it isn't a threat, but it's a very likely possibility. What is that supposed to mean? I don't expect any tolerant behavior from such nutjobs. But for the love of the rest of Muslims, please don't defame the entirety with such horrendous statements!

Anything happens anywhere in the world that goes against the liking of these radicalists, Muslim countries are painted red and non-Muslims get another kick to think of something even better to piss them off. When the Danish cartoon came out, I rememeber how the Pakistani cities were spray painted with Denmark = Hell (or a similar equation). Why?

During the time of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) there were plenty of people who ridiculed him and had a hateful attitude towards him. He didn't go out to kill them, or ask someone to go kill them. Instead he showed patience and preserverence always. And it is nothing else he asks from us. I hate receiving all those chain mails about boycotting Denmark because how would I face Allah and His prophet when I will be questioned about what I did when they made fun of Muhammad (p.b.u.h). Well I showed patience. That will be my answer.

It's insane how some Muslim go about saying how Islam brought enlightenment to Europe. Well, true. Al-Adulus (Spain) got super prosperous when the Muslims came there. They accomplished and taught a lot. And then it was all taken away when the Christians invaded, and the Muslims from Africa came along to see how their brothers were doing. These African Muslim were completely shocked at what was happening in Al-Andulus, they thought they've drifted far away from Islam, and were responsible (if not fully) for the downfall of the great empire. So as quickly Muslims brought enlightenment to Europe, with the same speed the cross-continent brethren brought a hault to it; gave away the enlightenment and took themselves back to the dark ages.

Yes, unlimited freedom of speech can cause problems, you can (most likely) end up hurting someone. But this is not a valid enough reason to kill anyone or even give death threats. If we want others to project us better, we need to make ourselves better. What we see in media about us in not all lies; there is no smoke without fire. Media is known to exaggerate and give a bollywood twist to everything (really!). South Park isn't singling us out. It has made fun of every amoeba that exists. So there is no reason to get worked up.

In another blog I read something interesting that we claim to respect and believe in all the prophets ever sent by God, and if we don't believe in any one of them, we are automatically excluded from the faith. So why is it that we don't get angered over media making fun of Jesus or Abraham? Are they not dear to us? Even the liberals are often quick to make statements like "Oh, they don't even respect their own prophet, so why should I expect them to respect mine." Say what?


  1. Please dun mind. Sister, do u love Prophet (pbuh) as he shud b luvd? Coz it is reported in da sahih hadith dat he (pbuh) said a muslim must luv him more than his parents, wife, etc. So, if we do luv him lyk dat then we can't luv a show which ridicules him (nauzubillah). Wat do u think?

    Muslim Spain fell bcoz they were so much into luxurious lives dat they didn't even hav an army of their own ppl. They had mercenaries! They even hired non-muslims 2 fight for themselves against other Muslims! One city-state wud go 2 a Christian king for protection from other Muslims! N dis is wat we r witnessing now... They want power more than nything.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    While I respect your wish to stay anonymous, it does help to understand a poster's perspective if a little information can be known about him/her.

    I don't know what your definition of loving our Prophet (p.b.u.h) is, but mine definitely isn't about bringing my life to hault and causing riots. That's not love. That's obsession. And there is no room for obsession in Islam. I don't mind what you have to say because I am tolerant towards others' ideas. I would not be tolerant if you would come at me with a sword to chop my head off. Same goes for religion. And also, if someone is being ridiculous in your eyes, then you don't react by being twice as ridiculous. Or do you?
    As for Andulus. You tell me. Why did the Muslims feel the need to be protected from other Muslims? So much, that they needed a non-Muslim army for that. Andulus Muslims were relaxed Muslims who were into architechture and liberal studies. Apparently that doesn't sit too well with Salafists and other radical ideologies.
    We need protection from ourselves because there is something wrong with us. And if we are wrong, and i fear for my life, i'd go to anyone to seek protection.
    Islam is not strict like people have made it. You can even go eat pork or a donkey or a vulture if nothing else is available for you to eat.



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