Good visuals excite me.
The beauty of nature mesmerizes me.
Memories of Pakistan nostalgia-te me.
Position of women worries me.
Chauvinists exasperate me.
Preachers of false dogmas enrage me.
Terrorism sickens me.
Extremists frustrate me.
Moral policing infuriates me.
The lost community baffles me.
Racism saddens me.
Political bastards need to get a life!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aquila, For Stylish, Moderate Muslim Women


Women on top, eh? *chuckles*
I hope they are all enthusiastic about the context I am reading it with :D

Modest and Fabulous! That is the slogan of this new women's magazine, Aquila-Asia, that is being issued from Indonesia. Liana Rosnita Redwan-Beer (Singaporean), the founder and publisher of this magazine, launched the first edition just last month.

She says, We're not a magazine that preaches, we don't tell our readers what is right or wrong; but we help them live their lives to the fullest by including information about Islam in the context of modern living.

There's a fashion spread that features a heavily made-up model in tight-fitting clothes with a headscarf that still shows off a lot of her hair; another about the all-covering burqini swimsuit; an article on premarital sex and virginity, and an opinion piece on what to do if your daughter dates a non-Muslim.

From the looks of it, I'm quite drawn to it. It has a very modern, relaxed, and open feel to it. Should do good in projecting a better image of Muslim women than just being on the news because of the burqa-controversy. I would be interested in reading what they have to say. Though the article isn't really precisely giving out what side they lean on. Do they say yes to dating non-Muslim men? Is pre-marital sex not a taboo anymore? They are dealing with a whole bunch of issues, but I wonder if they aren't preaching, what exactly are they saying? Maybe they're just testing waters for now, and see what their audience is really like.

I am looking forward to this. As for now, it's thumbs up! Congratulations to your first edition.

Their facebook page here.

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