Good visuals excite me.
The beauty of nature mesmerizes me.
Memories of Pakistan nostalgia-te me.
Position of women worries me.
Chauvinists exasperate me.
Preachers of false dogmas enrage me.
Terrorism sickens me.
Extremists frustrate me.
Moral policing infuriates me.
The lost community baffles me.
Racism saddens me.
Political bastards need to get a life!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Burqa Ban in Europe

While this is a subject that has been going under consideration for quite a long time, especially in France, today it has become more concrete. Belgium has officially gone ahead with the ban on the niqab, the face veil, in public. No partial or full face covering is permitted anymore. France is fiercely fighting to have it enacted, but there is a serious division among politicians over the subject. Though headscarved in public schools were banned in France way back in 2004.

I am 100 percent in support of this. I was never in favor of the face covering, and Quran does not even ask for it. Having said that, Europe does NOT have the right to pass a law any further than this. It's ridiculous to have laws about the dress code! The Turkish law about no head-scarves in universities was was such a farce!

But this, I simply cannot rationalize or come into terms with! What on earth is this?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pakistan Day

How many bombings and attacks am I going to keep track of? It only gets worse day by day. Hasn't gotten any better. The country is in a critical condition. Amazingly, and luckily, the nation is still positive and hopeful. The government is still busy with their lavish expenses. The poor only get poorer. The richer get richer. The middle class is disappearing.

Happy Pakistan Day. We better pull our socks up before we realize that the day doesn't exist anymore (god-forbid)!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

There is nothing like a Mama-hug.
And a long time since that.

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

This year, the global theme set by the United Nations for the day is: Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all.

I found this very cool image, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate occasion to post it on. It's so powerful, so modern (in concept and context), and very fierce. I love!

And on a more serious note:

Learn more about it on the official website here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Letter to the Islamic Radicalists

Dear Fellows,

I really felt a dire need to talk with you over this image. I call you fellows because we seem to be on the same side, in the eyes of the West and the non-Muslims. But obviously, we are not. You're just crazy, extreme right-wingers, who I would never vote for. You party just the wrong way for my liking. If you behave like this without booze, I wonder what you'd go ahead doing with it.

Now, I'll begin with Freedom Can Go To Hell. Really? I am a Muslim too, you know, but I won't really be happy in your world of domination, control and hell. Doesn't sound very pleasant now, does it? So with your 20 something crazy followers, why don't you just ask the World Bank to buy you a separate island, which is in reasonable distance from all the other continents, and there you can practice your law however :D ... I am sure WB would happily do that for you. You're not so many, so one island would be good. I wonder if any women will choose to go with you, but if they do, I am sure your first mission would be to rapidly over-populate. And you'd find yourself in this dilemma of lack of land. Don't worry though. The kafirs (the Dutch), will be willing to help you out in making some extra land around you. Oh I'm terribly sorry, of course you'd never accept any help from them, they have unbelieving hands. You may also find yourself in a dilemma of lack of modernity. Sorry, can't help you there, you called it upon yourself.

As for Sharia For The Netherlands. yeah, whatever!

Lot's of love,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wilders Makes it to the House of Lord Screening

Woohoo! *no-enthusiasm*

Dear Mr Geert Wilders,

If you find this violent:

and this too:

then you must also find this violent:

and this too:

And if you don't, then you're just a hypocrite, screaming left, right and center about a cause that does not involve the interest of all. And you are just inciting more hatred. The more you speak, the more of such images keep emerging. If Quran is totalitarian and fascist, so are you.

with love,


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