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Monday, September 1, 2008

3 Teenagers Buried Alive in Pakistan


Being at the receiving end of the gun is never easy. We've often seen in movies where a barbaric villain crosses all limits to attack and hurt the innocent or the hero. But when the hero turns the situation around, and the villain finds himself frozen at the hero's gunpoint sharply positioned at his forehead, there must be this heart-sinking feeling of how bad he's been, and how much pain he's inflicted. There has to be! If not, then that's not a human we're dealing with.

Anyways. There are a few forms of death that nobody would like to imagine themselves in. Being buried alive is one of them. It's a slow, painful, very scary death. 3 girls, between the ages of 16 and 18, were buried alive in a remote part of Baluchistan, Pakistan, after being shot. The girls were dragged into their pits while still bleeding, and covered with earth and stones. The reason? They wanted to marry a man of their choice.

2 older relatives of the girls were given the same death after they tried to defend the girls.

The worst part of the story being, the Baluchistan government is part of this crime. The province is known for it's tribal lifestyle, and honor killings are very common in the region. It is said that the a Provincial Minister's brother is the tribal chief of the region, and he overlooked into having the girls kidnapped in government vehicles.

In Pakistan's national parliament, an MP from Balochistan Israrullah Zehri said on Friday that "this action was carried out according to tribal traditions", a view backed up by some other male lawmakers, who attacked a woman senator who had raised the case.

"These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them," Mr Zehri added over the weekend.

This part shocks me each time I read it. Where are the maulanas and the mullahs and the fatwa-passers of the world at this point? Why don't they go beyond merely a condemnation? Why don't they take strict action towards such barabrianism that is defaming Islam? The perpetrators of such crimes are obviously agreeing to the fact that these are ancient traditions of their forefathers that they aren't willing to give up, then where is their sense of reasoning in accordance with Islam? They are making up part of a government that is without a doubt of an Islamic nation. The laws are made keeping Islam in mind. They themselves are Muslims at an individual level. Then why isn't anyone there to punish them? Is the Muslim world sleeping?

The next time I read anything about the Ulimahs of the world talking about enforcement of the Shariah in a non-Muslim country, I've had enough!

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