Good visuals excite me.
The beauty of nature mesmerizes me.
Memories of Pakistan nostalgia-te me.
Position of women worries me.
Chauvinists exasperate me.
Preachers of false dogmas enrage me.
Terrorism sickens me.
Extremists frustrate me.
Moral policing infuriates me.
The lost community baffles me.
Racism saddens me.
Political bastards need to get a life!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Month's Terrorist Activities

A total of three bomb attacks.

The highlight being a massive attack outside the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. A dump truck filled with explosives detonated outside the hotel, leaving a 20m X 6m deep crater. Majority of the causalities were Pakistani, but at least 5 foreign nationals also became victim, of which were 2 American military personnel, a Danish intelligence agent, the Czech Ambassador to Pakistan and his Vietnamese companion, and a US State Dept. employee. Among the injured were 6 Germans, 4 Britons and a Filipino receptionist from the hotel.

From this:

to this:

1. 6th, Peshawar, N.W.F.P. Two suicide attacks; 50+ dead; 80+ injured.

2. 20th, Islamabad, Punjab. Massive suicide car bomb outside the Marriott Hotel; 60+ dead; 250+ injured.

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