Good visuals excite me.
The beauty of nature mesmerizes me.
Memories of Pakistan nostalgia-te me.
Position of women worries me.
Chauvinists exasperate me.
Preachers of false dogmas enrage me.
Terrorism sickens me.
Extremists frustrate me.
Moral policing infuriates me.
The lost community baffles me.
Racism saddens me.
Political bastards need to get a life!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Month's Terrorist Activities

I don't know when peace would fill Pakistan again! The terrorists are having a blast of a time, aren't they! Last month we witnessed the painful humor of these godforsaken people; the anniversary of the 2007 Lal Masjid siege was celebrated with yet another blast aimed at the police, while one civilian died. And how can we forget the horrible images of the burqafied moral police that took over the street of Islamabad back on '07 *cringe*

Anyhow. Pakistan's August has witnessed it's own charade of terror; no month goes empty handed.

1. 4th, Sibi, Baluchistan. Remote controlled bomb attached to a parked motor-bike in a main bazaar.

2. 19th, Dera Ismail Khan, N.W.F.P. Suicide bomb outside a hospital.

3. 21st, Wah, Attock District, Punjab. Twin suicide bombing aimed at the Pakistan Ordnance Factories; 63 dead; 81 injured.

4. 23rd, Swat, N.W.F.P. Suicide bomber; 8 policemen dead; several people injured.

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