Good visuals excite me.
The beauty of nature mesmerizes me.
Memories of Pakistan nostalgia-te me.
Position of women worries me.
Chauvinists exasperate me.
Preachers of false dogmas enrage me.
Terrorism sickens me.
Extremists frustrate me.
Moral policing infuriates me.
The lost community baffles me.
Racism saddens me.
Political bastards need to get a life!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gathering Remnants of My Dearly Beloved

I've been reading conspiracy theories about HAARP and the massive, unwarned flooding that has left millions of Pakistanis not only homeless, but trapped in the vicious cycle of post-flooding disease and trauma. I'm left dumbfounded by the irritatingly vacuous media coverage and analysis of the AirBlue flight 202 crash. And I've been watching the nation get divided over the Sialkot event where one side seems to have lost all hope and is cursing every system and soul in the country, and the other just helpless, yet optimistic through counting failures of other nations, thereby soothing themselves. And while all this was not already accomplishing the goal of disrupting national unity and laying a solid foundation for eternal damage, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (assumedly) jumped in to make sure that any left optimism is double-check murdered.

Oftentimes we hear illiteracy, poverty and feudalism being labeled as the root evils of our society. And that is not far from the truth, it's playing it's part quite sufficiently in keeping the progressive attitude oppressed. But as a whole, the un- and the educated lot, there are two serious issues with us. One, lack of fairness. And I don't care for political fairness, that is a crappy Utopian ideology and exists nowhere (if The Simpsons didn't already simplify that for you)! I am referring to public fairness at an individual level. And alongside this empirical nation-trait runs unity, and not that of ravage and vandalism, but of support and praise.

I understand (at some warped level), but absolutely do not condone this chain of public outbursts. But what's a person to do when nothing is going right and there happens to be a stone at your feet? I also know that in all of such public showcases of vandalism, there is a decent amount of people who are just having fun with being able to throw this stone at something big and shiny that doesn't belong to them. This is an example of the height of unfairness by the people, to the people. Talking of proper queues is such a tired cliche. I don't know if the system has gotten any better, but have you experienced applying for a passport, standing in a queue from nine in the morning till four in the evening, realizing that you have hardly moved an inch? So in this situation, I barely see poverty or illiteracy being the problem. If you are poor, you violate the rights of the privileged by reason of an inferiority complex. If you are the privileged, you violate the rights of the poor by reason of a superiority complex. This critically prevalent holier-than-thou attitude is doing nothing but feeding an arrogant and suspicious nation.

Second point that I raised was of support and praise. As a nation, I feel, we've developed an incredible amount of restraint in allowing ourselves to appreciate each others' successes. On the contrary, we are jealous and critical of anything that moves, to say the least. This issue runs from the system down to the individual. We are so self-involved that it hurts to see another surpass us. We will put our own brother in trouble to make sure we can afford that new car! The banks have played an impressive role in lining up millions of court cases that may appear as simple as a defaulting client, but underneath it is a complex mesh of family businesses gone wrong. As a system we fail to support a genius mind who is incapable of meeting soaring education fee. As an individual we fail to support talents that have the capacity to bring national pride. Google Pakistan, the highest ranking information is pornographic crap with frustrated boys and men cursing anything female for being female.

There is nothing that we are proud of as a nation. Fake, empty, Muslim pride is all that we talk of. Soaking in skin-deep worries, the aim of our life is to make sure we, as an individual have it all, and we, as an individual have the best. It is so confusing to talk about Pakistan. It is the same country where millions have gone homeless, and the same country whose people go abroad for shopping and vacationing. I am horrified by the materialist attitude of the young generation. Horrified by the materialist gauge by which we judge everyone and make friends. I am horrified even by memories of vandal motorcyclists on Sunday mornings and independence day that pulverized all enthusiasm of national pride. My plea is not to the poor and illiterate man, who has possibly lost everything in this anarchic country, but to those who still manage to arrange for themselves a decent twice-a-day meal. We may not have control over bombings and natural disasters, but we do have control over how we project ourselves as a people. We need to kill arrogance and materialism, and replace it with humility, trust and respect. Have the patience to listen to an opposing viewpoint (Facebook ban). Drop that cool act and be concerned, aware and active even when there is not a situation. Stop building castles in the air and talk big of a revolution-to-be. We fancy a French revolution or a civil war to bring a halt to our problems, but we forget how bloody these can be - nothing to look forward to. The time to change from words to actions came and went. What needs to reclaimed, must be reclaimed. And it must be done now! Only great nations produce great leaders. Do we have the potential to be a great nation?


  1. I must congratulate you for laying another brick in the wall. I see many bloggers have shut their eyes to the reality and raising false slogans of our tendency to bounce back fromk the crisis and boasting about our 'great heritage and history'. See we have made many mistakes and our history isn't really that glorious as some pretend. However, revolution is the last thing we need. It would only lead us to more bloodshed and tyranny. What we need is a gradual evolution. But the irony is that we as a nation take one step forward and 3 steps backward. We are a confused nation. We need to wake up ourselves and stop dreaming and swimming in conspiracy theories. Shahzad Roy's song "Laga Reh" is the best depiction of our present condition.

  2. hey!! thanks for that song recommendation! hadn't heard that before.

    but coming to the point of people holding on to some so-called grand history. it's really sickening. i was reading a post by someone in response to george fulton's harsh interpretation of the sialkot event. and what amazed me was that she was so focused on how other countries have also had these barbaric events, and therefore we must not plunge in this blame-game thing and call ourselves good-for-nothing-losers. but he point is, which other country has made it publicly ok to kill "children" on the street while someone makes sure to record the entire thing till their death on a HD-cam? it is a shocking event, and those who think it's not, are way deep in pessimism, and those who think well "why are we so bad when it happens elsewhere" are just super naive and ignorant.

    There is no point in playing pigeon. We need to seriously wake-up. Though we are way past the total-damage point. But then again, a little optimism is necessary to hold some sanity.

  3. Yea I have also noticed that some people are comparing the Sialkot incident with such brutalities in other countries. But what purpose is it going to serve? It doesn't justify mob justice nor does it give license to tolerate such events in our own streets. It is sheer madness and needs the highest level of condemnation and soul searching. Awareness, self conscious, and moral/human values must precede optimism.

  4. I wonder how Pakistan can expect the rest of the world to empathize with the flood victims while PAkistanis themselves are engaged in bombing and SHIA-SUNNI violence. The presence of a suicide bomber in the procession, clearly shows that his hate for the Shiamuslim far outweighed his love for sunni victims of flood. Rather than being helpful to the Sunni victims, he chose instead to kill Shia muslims. When a Pakistani hates fellow Pakistanis so much, it shouldn't surprise anyone why the humanitarian aid has been so slow.

    I do not beleive the triple bombing was managed by just one kid either, it quite clearly needs planning, co-ordination, funding, purchase of explosives, assembly and finally human volunteers. Each stage can involve one or more persons, depicting that it was not just one pakistani who had the urge to Kill shias, but a whole group of them who took action, and they probably acted on behalf on interest group or lobby. Hate is a bad thing, and especially so when the hate for others far exceeds the love for one's own. Pakistan needs to do away with hate - Hate for other religions, hate for other ethnicities, hate for other countries, hate for other cultures. Do away with hate.

  5. @Sujay if there is anything in your post that I agree with, it's "do away with hate". I 1000% agree. It's very important, and it needs immediate attention. But allow me to address the rest of your post.
    The hate that needs to be addressed is different than the hate of our beloved terrorists. The triple-bombing action was certainly not done by one kid. But it most definitely is also not done by the entire sunni/shia population either. The supposed gang who did this nonsense is a banned group anyways. We expect sympathy from the rest of the world because those who are the victims of this disaster are NOT the bombers or the haters. They are large, helpless, poor population who have no idea whats happening in this country and are only concerned with feeding themselves and their families twice a day. These people cannot afford bombs and secret missions. The handful of people whose hate you are talking about here, are present in your country as well, so would you say the world should put a blind eye to you in case of a massive natural disaster because you house a couple of 10s of creeps in comparison to the multi-million population? Of course not. Similarly, keeping in mind that we do have issues that definitely need to be taken care of, we also have weirdos lurking around while the mass is just a helpless bunch of people who are only concerned with just living their lives.

  6. Sujay
    Don't preach what you don't practice. Forget about Pakistan's teething troubles and look around. India is burning with hate, discrimination and human rights abuses. Go preach this 'to do away with hate' lesson to your fellow Indians and digg the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency. Give rights to marginalized minorities of India. Stop Taliban style courts in India and stop the slaughter of humanity in the shape of destruction of female fetus. Let yourself worry about the "girl deficits" in India. Stop wasting your time in this blame game and do something about Bharat Mata. And yea get the hell outta Kashmir.

  7. @Floydian - Chill boss!!! For a dude named after my favorite band, you are getting too worked up. Suggest you listen to 'Shine on...' and smoke a joint. If you guys really wanna start a flame war, please go to youtube. Not here.

  8. hallo! no joint smoking around here! makes me nauseous! ehehe .. but is pradeep and sujay the same guy?
    anyhow. as i wrote on floydian's blog already. the bull-dogs are shitting everywhere. could someone put a leash on them pleasE!

  9. @Emaan - Sujay and me the same guy? Why do you want to give him a bad name? I am linking my now defunct blog just to prove that I am someone else.

    @floydian - Frankly I could have responded to each of the points in your typical Pakistani response (no offence). But then, it would have been a typical Indian response. Anyway, I can't get mad at a fellow Pink Floyd fan.

  10. "Anyway, I can't get mad at a fellow Pink Floyd."

    0_0 are you thinking what i'm thinking??!!

  11. If you are thinking 'What the hell am I doing in office when I should be out for drinks with friends on a Sunday', then yes, I am thinking the same thing. :)



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